Instrumental Music Programme (Optional)


Cathedral School has an amazing Instrumental Music Programme comprising of three main bands.  Along with our Stage Band this gives us four bands in our School which cater for a broad range of musical skills.

Training Band

This band is for students with NO musical experience, and is the starting point for beginner students. Most students start their band journey here in Year 3.

Transition Band

Students generally progress to this band after a year of playing or when they demonstrate the desired level of capability.

Performance Band

The students in the Performance Band are invited to join this band after demonstrating advanced skills and strong commitment to the band programme.

Stage Band

This is a jazz ensemble that provides performance opportunities for the most experienced Brass, Woodwind and Percussion students from our Concert Band programme.

Benefits of Participation in the Instrumental Music Programme

Being part of a band is a wonderful opportunity for all children. No prior musical experience is needed to join the Training band, which is our entry level band. During their time in the band your child will learn to play an instrument, read music and work together with their friends to produce wonderfully energetic, exciting and melodic sounds.

The many skills they learn (such as increased concentration and self-discipline) carry over into other parts of their learning and lives. Most importantly, they have lots of fun!

Playing in a band can contribute to a students’ non-musical development in many ways. These may include:

·      Increased maturity and self discipline

·      Increased concentration and focus

·      Leadership skills

·      Opportunity to represent their school

·      Collaboration, Communication and Creativity skills


Students usually access the Instrumental Programme at the end of Year Two.