Elective Choir

The final addition to our Instrumental Music Programme at Cathedral School is our Elective Choir.  The Elective Choir is a terrific place for your child to begin their musical experience at school.  The students are able to get together to share their love of singing and music.

This choir involves children from Years 1-6. The students are invited to a “Come and Try” day early in Term 1, and if found suitable for the choir students are asked to make the commitment to the group for at least a term at a time.

The children are taught the earliest elements of:

·      Pitch

·      Rhythm

·      Note reading

·      Listening – “Call and response”

The Elective Choir is run at NO cost to parents!

Students in the Elective Choir have the opportunity to represent their school a number of times throughout the year with public performances at:  the Cathedral School Music Concert, Bathurst Eisteddfod, Cathedral School Fete, Cathedral School Family Night, Macquarie Care Christmas performance and many other school assemblies, liturgies and both school and parish masses.

The Elective Choir have lots of fun and it’s always fun looking for our next “The Voice”!