Parents and Friends Association

The Catholic school participates in the evangelizing mission of the Church. It centres its vision on the life and teachings of Christ with the Gospels as the reference points of its philosophy. It is concerned with building a Christian community where parents, staff and students work together.

The Parents and Friends (P & F) Association is the formal structure, which represents the parents/carers in the school.

The P & F Association exists to support the school community and is involved in the life of the school. Parents/carers, as first educators of their children, have a collaborative role to play in the promotion of the school.

The school  P & F Association plays a significant role in the development of a cooperative school community where parents/carers are recognised as collaborative partners, with teachers in the education of their children. It is one of the vehicles through which the parents can give support to the strategic plans of the school.

Parents and Friends Association Constitution

The Constitution is the document which gives guidance to the Cathedral School Parents and Friends Association for its efficient and effective operation. Hence the document:

  • Sets common aims and objectives;
  • Establishes rules for membership, elections, voting etc;
  • Arranges for proper management of the finances;
  • Allows for amendments and changes to be discussed, debated and resolved;
  • Sets standards for appropriate community involvement; and
  • Establishes other rules for the Parents and Friends Association operation.

The Constitution of the Cathedral School Parents and Friends Association has been drafted with the assistance and endorsement of Church authorities, Catholic Education Office advisers and parents.

This document recognizes that Parents and Friends Associations exist for the benefit of the school and its students.  Each association must be properly constituted and approved by Church and school authorities to ensure that it is eligible for insurance cover provided by the school, parish or diocese.