The Cathedral School executive is composed of the Parish Priest, Principal, Assistant Principal, the Religious Education Co-ordinator and Primary Co-ordinator. Being a systemic school of the Bathurst Diocese, Cathedral School Bathurst is affiliated with the Catholic Education Office of the Diocese of Bathurst, the authority being the Bishop.


Staff members are appointed by the Catholic Education Office after interviews and recommendations by the School Executive.

Because this is a Catholic School, teachers have been commissioned to carry on the teaching Mission of the Church. The pastoral care aspect of the teachers’ role has been emphasised in the section of Pastoral Care and Discipline. Teachers take their own class for Religious Education and this helps to form the Faith Community of the classroom.

The School Chaplain is a priest of the Parish appointed by the Parish Priest as Chaplain. He has a pastoral care role and is available to staff, parents and children as required. The Chaplain is available for Mass and the Sacraments and visits the classrooms regularly and has a visible presence among the children.