It is important that the students present themselves in a neat and tidy manner and give due attention to wearing the full school uniform correctly  i.e. shirts tucked in, shoes polished, etc.

All long hair must be tied back with maroon ribbons or simple plain bands.

Blue or white ribbons are allowed on sports days. Scrunchies made from the girls summer material can be used in the summer months.

Finger nail polish is not to be worn to school.

Dyed hair is not encouraged.



These are compulsory in Terms One and Four. Cathedral School implements a ‘no hat – play in the shade’ policy.

School hats and cloth emblems can be purchased from the school Office.



Jewellery is not a part of the school uniform and should not be worn to school. The nature of the activities that the children engage in daily make the wearing of jewellery an unsafe practice.  This includes bangles and necklaces.

When ears are pierced, studs are to be worn (preferably only one per ear).