Vision and Mission

Cathedral School
is a school community
in the Catholic tradition,
founded in faith,
challenged by Gospel values,
striving for
a standard
of excellence
in all areas of school life.

The motto of Cathedral School that underpins all that we do is:

Faith • Values • Excellence

This motto is taken from our Vision statement as a continual reminder of the vision that we have for the students, teachers and community of Cathedral School – that we are a faith-filled community, inspired by Jesus Christ, that sets high ideals and expectations for all.

“Its task is fundamentally a synthesis of culture and faith, and a synthesis of life and faith. The first is reached by integrating all different aspects of human knowledge through the subjects taught, in the light of the Gospel; the second in the growth of the virtues characteristic of the Christian.” (Congregation for the Catholic Education, The Catholic School, 1977)

We have developed symbols, colours and rituals based on a process of renewal that began in 2013.