At Cathedral Catholic Primary School we emphasise the importance of wellbeing for our school community. Recognising that a healthy mind and body ensure that students are ready for learning.

The school has adopted the Resilience Project, dedicated to improving the resilience and mental health of students. Funded by the school’s Parents and Friends association, this essential initiative seeks to foster mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude in students, enabling them to manage stress and adversity more effectively. 

The school's commitment to creating a positive learning environment is further supported by its adoption of the School Wide Positive Behaviours For Learning (SPB4L) approach. This framework is implemented throughout the school, teaching students expected behaviours and instilling in them a respect for learning and community.

Our Diverse Learners Team work closely with our school counsellor, along with the school’s wellbeing teacher. In partnership with our families, this comprehensive focus on wellbeing ensures that each student feels valued, supported and loved.